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Parks in Orting

Orting is proud to connect its citizens and guests to the beautiful setting around us.  You can do everthing here ~ from walking, running or biking on the trail, to fishing, skateboarding, dancing or playing a sport, with the picturesque backdrop view of Mt. Rainier!  Come visit Orting!


A Few Little Park Rules to Follow
Park hours are 4am to 10pm
Pick up after yourself and your pet
Dogs must be on a leash (except inside of the fenced area at the Dog Park Area)
No fires or fireworks
Park in designated parking areas only
No alcohol or drug use
Our Parks are a shared air open space…..smoke free is family friendly


3 Corner Park is a Mini Park located at 404 Harmon Way S.  On the corner of Harmon Way & Corrin Ave SW.  This park features plants, a walkway and a couple of benches.

Calistoga Park is a Neighborhood Park located at 802 Calistoga St W.  Off of Calistoga St W & Skinner Way SW.  This park features a gravel parking area, access to the Puyallup River, a baseball field, a big toy with swings and a dog park fenced area.

Charter Park is a Neighborhood Park located at 425 Washington Ave SE.  Off of Washington Ave SE (by the Public Safety Building).  This park features a paved parking area, skateboard area, dirt hills for jumping your bicycle, an open grass area, benches and a picnic area.  This park also provides a place to park and walk the Foothills Trail or go down to the river.

Gratzer Sports Park courtesy of Washington Rock Quarries, LLC is a Community Park located at 401 Whitehawk Blvd NW.  Off of Whitehawk Blvd NW.  This park features a softball field, a baseball field and a gravel parking area. These fields are used by Orting Parks and Recreation programs, but are also available to reserve.

Main City Park is a Community Park located in our downtown area, right off of the main street through town!  This park features two sections.  The first section located at 101 Train St SE has a play area with a big toy and swings, built by the volunteers, public restrooms, benches, picnic tables, trees, plantings, horse shoe pits, a memorial wall, a gravel parking area and a covered area that is available for reservations.  The second section located at 102 Train St SE is the area where the basketball court is, with trees, plantings, benches, our lovely tree carvings and the gazebo that is available for reservations.  This park is also a place where you can park and walk on the Foothills Trail.   Many events happen right in this park!

Memorial Park is a Mini Park that is located at 104 Whitesell St NW off of Whitesell St NW next to the gas station.  This park features some plantings, a bench, a small walk way and a memorial rock listing many Orting natives.

North Park is a Community Park located at 101 Washington Ave NW.  Off of Washington Ave NW and Calistoga St W.  This park features paved parking, a fountain, a brick area with bollards, an open grass area, trees, a rain garden and the Orting Station Building that is available for reservations.

Rainier Meadows Park is a Neighborhood Park that is located at 511 Brown St SE in the middle of the housing development.  To access this park you must park on Brown Way SE and walk in.  There you will find a play area, a small basketball court, benches, a small walking trail and an open grass area.

Foothills Trail is a Natural Resource that runs through the City of Orting.  This is a paved trail with a horse equestrian trail that runs alongside.  The Foothills Trail has many access points to enjoy a nice walk, bike ride, horse ride or to access the river.  This is one of many reasons people come to Orting!

Triangle Park is a Mini Park that is located at 312 River Ave SE on the corner of Bridge St SE and Varner St SE.  This park features trees, benches and a small open grass area.

Whitehawk Park is a Neighborhood Park that is located at 409 Orting Ave NW.  This park features a paved parking area, a basketball court, a big grassy area (used by Orting Parks & Recreation for some of their programs), a grass youth baseball field, a big toy, benches and picnic tables.

Williams Park is a Mini Park located at 1116-A Ross Ave NW just off of the trail at the north end of the city.  This park features plantings, picnic tables and benches.  This is a nice place to stop to take a rest from your adventure on the trail.

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