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Public Works Office Number:
(360) 893-2219 ext. 139

Your Sewer (Utility) Bill:
(360) 893-2219 ext. 113

Wastewater Treatment Plant Number: (360) 893-2693

After Hours Emergency Number: (253) 377-0262

Fax Number: (360) 893- 6809 Related Links & Information

Illicit Discharge
Side Sewer Maintenance Policy
Wipes Clog Pipes
Reclaimed Water
City of Orting Development Standards
Utility Billing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I do if my sewer becomes plugged?
A. Call the Public Works Department; they will dispatch a crew to determine if the problem is in the City 's pipes or on your property.

Q. I have a STEP Tank, whom should I call if the alarm goes off, or if there’s a power outage?
A. Power outages will not allow sewage to be pumped. Storage will be limited and tanks will not operate without electricity. Limit the use of sink drains and toilets during a power outage. To report bells, alarms, strange noises and leaks from step tanks, including grinder pumps and lift stations please contact during business hours 360-893-2219 x139 or the on-call number at 253-377-0262 for after business hours.

Q. Where does the wastewater go?
A. Everything that goes down your toilet (or drain) goes to the City of Orting Wastewater Treatment Plant. The wastewater is treated before discharge.

Q. Will the City offer biosolids as natural fertilizer for yards and gardens, and is it safe?
A. The City of Orting is deciding between two treatment technologies, each of which results in a product with slightly different qualities. Either technology would treat the biosolids to “Class A” standards in accordance with the highest state and federal regulations, ensuring the public’s health and safety while providing a resource to the community. Both products would be safe to store, handle, and transport. Please click on the Biosolids link for more information.

Q. What is reclaimed water?
A. Washington’s 1992 Reclaimed Water Act provided a new program for treatment and management of wastewater as a new water supply to replace drinking water for non-drinking (non-potable) purposes. Uses of reclaimed water include crop and landscape irrigation, toilet flushing, dust control, construction water, industrial cooling, created wetlands, ground water recharge, and stream-flow augmentation. Please click on the Reclaimed Water Link above for more information.

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110 Train Street SE - PO Box 489
Orting, WA 98360 - 360.893.2219