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Utility Billing

Utility Payment Options

Pay by Mail

Send payments to PO Box 489, Orting, WA 98360-0489.

Outside Payment Box
You can attach the payment stub to your check or money order and place it in our night drop. The drop is located at 110 Train St SE near the front door of City Hall.

Pay in Person
The Utility Billing office is located in Orting City Hall, 110 Train St SE, Orting, WA 98360.

Electronic Payments
Invoice Cloud accepts electronic payments through the city website - fees may apply.

This is a fee-based service. A convenience fee of $2.95 will be applied to all debit/credit card transactions. The maximum amount that can be processed with a debit/credit card is $147.05 with the $2.95 processing fee for a total of $150.00.  If you owe more than the $147.05, additional payments would be required with a convenience fee for each transaction.

There is no convenience fee or limit on the payment amount if paid via electronic check (ACH/EFT).  Use your bank routing number and account number for this payment option.

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Utility Bill Assistance

The City of Orting provides a grant to the Orting Food bank to help people who struggle to pay their utility bill. Customers can access this service once a year. Customers should contact City Hall staff and request a referral to the food bank fund. The city encourages citizens to begin this process before the utility bill payment is due.

Frequently Asked Questions - Utility Billing

Q. When is my payment due?

A. Your monthly bill is due upon receipt. If the full amount is not paid by 8:00am on the 26th of the month, a $10 late fee will be assessed.

Q. What if I did not receive my bill in the mail?

A. Your account is billed every month and should be received by the 10th of every month. If you do not receive your bill, please call City Hall at (360) 893-2219. You are responsible for the bill whether it is received or not, per OMC 9.10.1 (a).

Q. What happens if my water is turned off for non-payment?

A. Service will be restored upon payment of the bill, and payment of a $50.00 processing fee.

Q. May I turn my meter on or off?

A. Please all the City if you need your water shut off. if you shut off your own meter and damage the meter, you will be responsible for any repairs.

Q. My water was turned off for nonpayment and I made a payment after regular business hours. When will my water be turned on?

A. Water will be restored by 4pm on the next business day.

Q. Do I have a sewer backup?

A. If you suspect a sewer issue please contact the City of Orting Public Works Department at 360.893.2219, ext. 139 before hiring a plumber as it may be a city problem. After hours you may call 253-377-0262.

Q. What if I think my bill is too high?

A. You can easily check for an error in the meter reading used to calculate your bill. Simply read your water meter to see if the reading is higher or lower than the reading on your bill. If it is lower, call City Hall at (360) 893-2219 and we will make the necessary adjustments. If the reading is higher, you should check for a leak in your house plumbing or service line.

Q. What are the City's responsibilities for water line repairs?

A. The City is responsible for the main line and meter up to the point of the customer's service line connection to the meter.

Q. Does the City issue an adjustment for leaks?

A. Adjustments are made one time only. If you should discover a leak, contact City Hall immediately and the city will instruct on what is needed for an adjustment to your account.

Q. Do I have any other responsibilities as a City water user?

A. Yes, you are required to keep your water meter clear and accessible for reading and maintenance purposes. This includes those meters located in utility easements.

For any other questions related to your utility bill, please call City Hall at (360) 893-2219.

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