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May 18, 2016
The entire community is invited to attend the Orting School District’s . . . spring “Practice Lahar Evacuation Drill”. The Drill is scheduled for Friday May 20th at 9:15 a.m. at the Orting City Park. This year the entire community is invited to join the walk out of town along Calistoga Street to the Washington Soldiers Home and then to high ground at the Pierce County Rock Quarry. For more information please see the associated flyer.

Lahar Siren Test
May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015 at noon.

Lahar Siren Test
February 24, 2015

The lahar siren test will be held on Monday, March 2nd at noon.

Lahar Siren Test
January 2, 2015

Monday, Jan 5th at noon.

Lahar Warning Siren Maintenance
December 1, 2014
Pierce County will be performing maintenance work on the lahar outdoor . . . warning siren system between December 1st and 18th. Chimes may be heard from the sirens during the testing phase. For more information, contact Pierce County Emergency Management at 253-798-6595.

Lahar Information

The most serious hazard facing Orting is a Lahar, or mud flow, which would come from Mt. Rainier and follow the Puyallup and Carbon Rivers. It has been approximately 500 years since a large mud flow came through the Orting/Puyallup Valley and scientists estimate we may be in a 300-year window for something like this to occur again. This is a rare event, but would have serious consequences. It is important for Orting Valley residents to be prepared. Orting has five large sirens that are only activated by an actual Lahar or Lahar drill. Drill sirens testing only last a couple of minutes the first Monday of every month. The school district has a Lahar Evacuation Drill once a year when the sirens are tested. You may not be able to hear the sirens well indoors so it is also important to have a radio that carries NOAA broadcasts. The AM station 1580 also carries emergency incident messages. Estimates are that you have about 42 minutes to get to high ground. It will be critical for Orting citizens to respond quickly and get off the valley floor.

First and foremost:


Here are steps you can take to make sure you are prepared.

1) Have a family plan to include:

  • Where you will meet if you cannot get home.
  • Out-of-area contact person for all family members to call, confirming you are okay and what your plans are.
  • Grab-and-go backpacks for family members with food, water, necessary medications, and copies of important family records.
  • Include a plan for your pets.
  • For more detailed information on family preparedness visit the Red Cross website.

2) Know the fastest evacuation route from where you live and/or work.
The driving LAHAR EVACUATION MAP  can provide more information on evacuation locations.

3) Plan to WALK OUT.

Automobile accidents create huge bottlenecks. You will be able to get out faster if you walk. The best walk-out route is west on Calistoga Avenue to the County Rock Quarry. Another less convenient route is south of town up to the Buttes or Card Road.

4) Do not go to the school for your children—they will already be on their way up the hill.

The schools have an evacuation plan. Check with the Orting School District for detailed information on where you can expect to reunite with your children.

5) Keep Moving – Whether walking or driving, don’t stop – keep moving.

People behind you need to get up the hill, too. Police will not respond to automobile accidents.


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