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Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Emergency Management Mission


1. City of Orting government will prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against disasters, natural and man made, impacting City of Orting to its best ability with available resources. This will be done for the purpose of protecting lives, property, the economy, and the environment.

2. The City government will work cooperatively with other governmental authorities and jurisdictions, the military, tribes, private businesses and departments, volunteer organizations, and individual citizens to achieve the mission.

3. The City of Orting Department of Emergency Management goals are to:

  • Implement warning and emergency notification procedures, and evacuation route identification.
  • Apply an all-hazards approach to emergency contingency planning.
  • Develop procedures for emergency operations, enhance responder capabilities, and coordinate emergency resources.
  • Administer recovery activities.
  • Facilitate mitigation efforts through hazard identification and risk assessments, and identify corrective actions.
  • Create an atmosphere of inter agency cooperation during those operations.
  • Coordinate public information.
  • Maintain a continuity of operations plan that provides for delivery of essential services with essential staff during extreme emergencies.

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110 Train Street SE - PO Box 489
Orting, WA 98360 - 360.893.2219