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Orting Police Department Offers “Basic Physical Defense for Women” Class

Basic Physical Defense for Orting Women

Orting Police Department Offers Basic Physical Defense for Women Class

Four Orting women completed a “pilot” class in women’s self-defense on March 13th in preparation for offering the course to the Orting community.
The pilot course, called “Basic Physical Defense for Women,” was a course developed by Rape Aggression Defense Systems, Inc. (R.A.D. Systems). The course consisted of 14 hours of instruction. Students worked through a 63-page manual and discussed strategies for risk awareness, risk reduction, risk recognition, risk avoidance, securing homes, traveling safety, identifying date-rape mentality, early signs of aggressive behavior, and using proven physical defense strategies.

R.A.D. Systems was founded in 1989 and has grown to the largest self-defense training network of its kind. R.A.D. Systems meets or exceeds all guidelines set by the National Coalition Against Sexual Assault. R.A.D. is the is the only women’s self- Enforcement Administrators, The National Self Defense Institute and The National Academy of Defense Education.
R.A.D. is NOT a martial arts discipline requiring high kicks, spinning, or any of the other fast action seen in Jackie Chan movies. Rather, R.A.D. strategies and tactics can be easily learned by women who have no self-defense experience or who may not be in top physical condition.

After reviewing a number of options, the City of Orting endorsed R.A.D., because it has one of the best track records of any self-defense course currently available, is based on actual experience, and on-going training will be provided free-of-charge. A top-of-the-line defense system developed by law enforcement professionals, R.A.D. has been taught across the country for more than 27 years. R.A.D. teaches situational awareness, preventative steps, and physical defense strategies. R.A.D. is updated continually based on new information learned from police observation and survivor input.

Orting Police Department Offers Basic Physical Defense for Women ClassStudents who piloted the Orting R.A.D. course said what they most appreciated was the hands-on experience. More than half the course is hands-on. Through being taught postures, vocalization, and using hands, arms, legs and feet as defensive weapons, all students agreed they feel able to readily defend themselves and get away from an abductor if it was ever necessary.

“I don’t think I have ever punched anyone in my life,” said one student. “Being taught how to use my body and learning the most effective way to defend myself was empowering.”
“I really liked the information about home security,” said another course participant. “I went right home and installed the reinforced breast plates on my doors using the longer screws.”
“Just knowing what to look-out for and everything I can do to prevent an attack gives me peace of mind,” said another student.

Orting Police Lt. Chris Gard is an advanced certified RAD instructor, who introduced RAD and oversees the program here in Orting. Becoming a RAD instructor is an accomplishment in and of itself, because not all police officers who take the instructor course pass it. The standards are tough. New Orting residents Jim Baylor, a retired police chief from Texas, and his wife Sandra – both RAD instructors -are assisting Lt. Gard in the teaching of this curriculum. In addition, the Baylor’s generously donated thousands of dollars’ worth of the specialized training equipment used during RAD classes.

“We’re doing this right so women will feel empowered to keep themselves safe and defend themselves with confidence when necessary,” Gard said. “This is one of the most important and rewarding programs I have ever implemented,” said Gard.

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