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Orting Crime Report Data

Crime Report Data Is Now Available “On-Line”

Hope you like the new service available to explore our local community police incidents.  Currently, only those incidents where a police report was written are displayed.  We hope in the not too distant future to have all incidents available even when a formal report is not made.

Have a safe day,

Chief Drake

Here are some tips on using this site. Try it out at this link:

Put in an address in Orting & your map then will display something resembling the below

The most important part of this depiction is the “filter” button on the left.


When “clicking” on this, you will get a “drop down menu”, which ask you to define the time period you are interested in, but most importantly is the further drop down menu labeled “incident type”.


When you click on the expansion arrow, the next drop down will allow you to select particular type of incidents or select all.  In this example, I have selected all and the map “populates” with all incidents in the displayed area.

Clicking on a symbol will provide you the date/type/block number/etc of the incident of interest displayed to the right side of the map.

(Notice the map will “repopulate” depending on the scale you choose (eg. Zoom in will provide less incidents to view & zooming out will provide more incidents to view)).

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