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The City Council of the City of Orting will hold a Public Hearing during the regular meeting of October 25 at 7:00 PM, or as soon thereafter as possible, to consider the surplus and disposal of City property.

The two parcels of real property being considered at this hearing as surplus are:
1.     Address:  230XX 177th St. East, Orting WA 98360               
Parcel No:   Portion of Parcel No. 05-19-36-2-003, Adjacent to Wingate Spring
Zoning:    R10 (Residential)
Improvement:   Vacant land – undeveloped
2.     Address:  401 Washington Ave. SE, Orting WA 98360
Parcel No.:  0519326011
Zoning:  Public Facilities
Improvement:   Public Safety Building (Fire, Police and Municipal Court)

The City proposes to sell both of these parcels, pursuant to RCW 39.22.010, to another government agency, for fair market value. All members of the public may provide testimony during the public hearing or they may submit written comments prior to the public hearing. The City Council meets at Orting Multi-Purpose Center, 202 Washington Ave. S, Orting WA 98360.  Written comments may be submitted prior to the hearing to the City Clerk at 110 Train Street SE – PO Box 489, Orting, WA 98360. 

For residents with disabilities who are requesting translators or adaptive equipment for communication purposes, the City
requests notification as soon as possible as to the type of service or equipment needed.

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110 Train Street SE - PO Box 489
Orting, WA 98360 - 360.893.2219